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Solar Power Battery Pack

    Eascoo Solution provides battery pack with capacities from 3kWh to 1100kWh for solar power. A packaged system with Solar panels and Smart controls together available for complete Solar power storage and supply. Various stand-alone applications based on the solar power can be delivered.

    Power Packs base on LiFePO4 batteries

    Capacity: 3-1100kWh, from single battery to containerized power storage station.
    Voltage: Low voltage available at request. 1 phase voltage: 110V/220V , 3 Phase Voltage: 400V/480V.

    Solar power supply package
    Wherever you have space available and sunshine, you can make use of it with Solar panels, and together with power pack and
    inverter, we turn the solar energy into reliable, green electrical power supply. This stand-alone power supply is very helpful for
    remote places where grid power not available, it is also good for the environment and our mother earth.

    Applications based on Stand-alone Solar power supply

    a, Solar water pumping
    b, Solar drinking water purification
    c, Solar safety shower & eye washer
    d, Island House supply
    e, Car parking & charging station, etc.