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GEA Plate Heat Exchangers

As a global technology leader in the design and manufacturing of plate heat exchangers, GEA(Kelvion) product range is one of the most extensive on the market, from gasketed to brazed, to fully-welded plate heat exchangers, GEA(Kelvion) product spectrum also includes a range of process-optimized models, which are unique in number and special functions. We offer original GEA Plate Heat Exchangers and parts.

Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers
GEA(Kelvion) gasketed plate heat exchangers combine passion, scientific curiosity and technological expertise. The facts: High efficiency at low operating costs and greater application possibilities with lower investment costs. GEA(Kelvion) efforts to continuously develop the gasketed plate heat exchangers series further, aim to meet your thermodynamic and fluid-dynamic performance needs and ensure maximum economic efficiency. GEA(Kelvion) wide range of plate corrugations, connection sizes, plate lengths and widths enable an ideal configuration according to your exact requirements. Additionally, GEA(Kelvion) gasketed plate heat exchangers come with a maintenance-friendly assembly and sealing technology, ensuring low service and maintenance costs.

Fully-welded Plate Heat Exchangers
GEA(Kelvion) plate heat exchangers make a convincing case due to their minimal size, outstanding thermal transmission coefficients and comparatively minimal investment costs. They are particularly robust and require only minimal cleaning and servicing. Their design advantages come into play especially in areas, in which, in addition to the output, load capacity is also a requirement.

Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers
Tailor-made for the most varied applications
GEA(Kelvion) brazed plate heat exchangers offer customized solutions for a wide variety of applications. Thanks to the automated production and compact design of GEA(Kelvion) brazed plate heat exchanger series, we can put together an individual heat exchanger for you within a very short time.

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