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Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning System

We provide Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning System for various applciations. Plug-and-play, automatic cleaning systems for pre- and post-removal of organic contaminants.

Solvent degreasing
A cleaning agent is applied directly to a parts surface by spraying, brushing, or wiping with solvent degreasing. This process removes oil, grease, dirt, loose particles, and any other contaminants that may exist on the surface.

Vapor degreasing
With vapor degreasing, solvents dissolve contaminants on stubborn surfaces during the ultrasonic cleaning process. A heating coil brings the solvent to a boil, which creates a vaporized solvent, and this condenses onto the surface. The solvent thus returns to a liquid form, dissolves the contaminant, beads up with the impurities captures, and flushed off the part.

Our Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning System can combine automatic loading & offloading, temperature & Solvent controls, waste fluid treatment system, etc into the system. Making the whole process fully automatic. Both standard system and custom solution suitable for your particular application are available.

On site installation & commissioning service and trainning available at request.


Parts finishing
Parts cleaning
Metal finishing
Degreasing, etc.

Industrial Ultrasonic cleaning Brochure