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Heat Exchangers

Eascoo Solution offers various kinds of heat exchangers and coolers, mainly includs:Shell tube heat exchanger, finned tube heat exchanger, box cooler,etc. Widely used in various kinds of industries mainly includes Petrochemical, oil&gas, power, steel, paper, food&beverage, manufacturing, marine & offshore, Hydropower, etc. All our heat exchangers can be tailor designed and fabricated to the customers requirements. And we provide repair and replacement service for all kinds of heat exchangers.

Finned Tube Heat Exchanger

The fins are used to increase heat transfer surface, and so reduced the cooler size significantly. According to different applications and requirements, we can custom design finned tube air cooler, condensor, radiator, economizer, heater, air preheater, dryer, etc. And it has below features:
 > Compact, small space needed
 > High heat transfer efficiency
 > Reliable and long life
 > Easy maintenance

Finned tube heat exchangers are widely used in Petrochemical, oil&gas, power, steel, paper, food&beverage, manufacturing, marine & offshore, Hydropower, etc.

Shell tube cooler

Shell tube cooler is of simple structure, and it can withstand high pressure, it is widely used in many industries.

Box Cooler

If there is one industrial cooler which is simpler than shell tube cooler, it is box cooler. It does not have a shell. it simply sticks the tube bundle into the river water or sea water, cooling the fresh water or oil in the tube. It is mainly used on vessels, and it has below great features:
 > Elimination of complete outboard water circuit on board.When using box coolers there is no need for seawater    inlet pumps, filters, valves, pipelines etc., parts made of seawater resistant material (expensive) and sensitive   for maintenance.
 > Box coolers are virtually maintenance free, operational costs therefore are much lower than for any other   cooling system.
 > Space saving in machine room.The box cooler is not susceptible to corrosion and less sensitive for fouling.
 > Box coolers are ideally suited for operation in icy, sandy,shallow and silt polluted water.
 > Energy saving because of no seawater pumps.

Box coolers also used for power plant cooling, and sometimes can be used as a heater heating water to increase fish and shrimp output.

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